As a brand, you need to be able to create a unique atmosphere 
that helps your consumers understand what the brand stands for and 
what distinctive products / services you offer 
to meet their unique needs.

How to make your brand STAND OUT?

Banner walls are very effective in helping brands generate brand awareness, market their brand or advertise their unique product offering, in a unique way.


Why Banner Walls?

They look professional and put the focus on the use of imagery to put your brand 1st in the mind of the consumer.  They are also great marketing tools, with the ability to create an exciting atmosphere around any exhibition, press conference, photo shoot or even at ceremonies.


How can you use it?    

Ultimately banner walls can be used in any space where you would like people to notice your brand, product or service. However, we have listed below a couple of examples of the ways you can use your banner wall display:

    • Product launches
    • Backdrops for photo “booths”
    • Official openings
    • Media / sporting events
    • Exhibitions
    • In-store promotional demonstrations
    • Shopping malls
    • Backdrops for a stall at markets

What sizes are available? 

We manufacture a wide selection of banner wall displays that can be customized to suit our customers’ preferences as well as their offering. These banners cover a large area with the use of one simple structure and they range from:

The sizes vary from 2m to 2.4m in height and from 0.8m to 6m in width, thereby creating an opportunity for customers to personally customize their displays. 

Curved banner walls focus on creating a more unique atmosphere by using imagery that catches your attention, while flat banner walls suit a more informative approach, especially when the brand wants to relay a clear written message to their audience.


What frame options are available?

Each of the frames is designed with highly durable materials, allowing clients to invest in a display that can easily be reused time and time again.  

We pride ourselves on perfection, the designs are printed on some of the highest quality, heat-press machinery using stretch fabrics. And that’s not all, the products can fold into a carry bag to aid optimal transportation and storage.



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