Wall Signage


ABS Boards

ABS boards are an effective solution for large format outdoor wall branding.

ABS is UV resistant and offers a great surface on which to print, and when using UV digital ink, it delivers a vibrant and impactful piece of branding.

The ABS boards are simple to mount onto walls and can be printed with our unique Digi8 pricing solution to create the perfect product pricing communication tool for your consumers.

Chromadek Boards

When it comes to permanent outdoor signage, Chromodeck boards still offer the most weather resistant and longest lasting outdoor branding solution. We digitally print your branding or communication message onto the Chromodeck using UV ink, giving vibrant full colour artwork. We then bend the sides to create a unique box effect, before mounting on the wall. These Chromodeck boards can include an interchangeable Digi8 pricing system to convey product pricing to your consumers.

Snapper Frames

Snapper frames offers an excellent solution for wall mounted poster frame displays. The aluminium frame clips open to insert or change paper prints, with a clear non-reflective overlay to protect the print.

The narrow 27mm natural anodised profile has proven to be the most popular version and is available in both standard and custom sizes or colours, quantity dependent.