Portable Displays

and Photo Walls


Stretch Fabric Display Walls

With our wide selection of lightweight and portable stretch fabric display walls including flat, curved and S-shape, we have all options covered.

These high impact visual display solutions are ideal as free-standing backdrops for your indoor exhibition, promotion, press conference, photo shoot or event ceremony, and offer a more contemporary alternative to traditional expandable banner walls.

The structure is a lightweight aluminium pipe frame surrounded by an interchangeable printed stretch fabric cover, ensuring maximum visual impact on both sides of the wall.

Sizes: Vary from 2.4m to 6m in width x 2.2m high, depending on model.

Expandable Banner Wall

The tried and tested solution when it comes to banner walls that offer large format branding that is quick and easy set-up. This pop-up concertina frame allows for interchangeable fabric prints to be fitted, giving you a high impact, free-standing visual backdrop for your exhibition, promotion, press conference, photo shoot or event ceremony. Sizes: 2.25m x 2.25m and 2.25 x 3m

Stretch Fabric Banners

A unique more stylish alternative to traditional pull-up banners, available in flat and S-shaped.

These banners are lightweight and portable and made from an aluminium pipe frame surrounded by a digitally printed stretch fabric, giving double sided branding opportunities.

Graphics are interchangeable and printed on stretch fabric material to ensure an even, smooth surface across the face of the banner.

Size: 2.0m (h) x 0.8m (w)

Stretch Fabric Arch

If you’re looking for an indoor display arch that stands out and makes a statement, look no further. This portable, high visual impact display arch is perfect of exhibitions and events where you need to brand a walkway or an entrance. Made from a lightweight aluminium pipe frame and surrounded by an interchangeable stretch fabric printed cover which means that the same frame can be used for multiple brands or events. Size: 2.4m (h) X 2.2m (w) 0.6m (d)

Pull-up Banners

Easy, quick-up promotional display banners to showcase your brand.

These pull-up banners are lightweight and cost-effective and great for travelling.

We offer a more premium Executive version or our own unique Econo option. Both options are available with a choice of textile or PVC print.

Size: 2m (h) x 800mm (w)

5m Flying Banner

When you’re trying to stand out at an event or exhibition, this 5m tall flying banner will certainly attract attention.

It consists of an extendable aluminium pole and a water-filled base for stability. Ideally used as an indoor solution but can be used outdoors in conditions with no wind.

Size: Total Height: 5m, Flag Print: 4m (h) X 1m (w)