Demo and Taste Tables


Demonstration Tables

Versatile range of demonstration and taste tables for all your in-store activations, promotions and events. These lightweight, portable and easy to assemble tables have become the industry standard and offer strong branding and visual presence at a cost-effective price.

The structure is lightweight PVC pipe with a vac formed top, surrounded by a digitally printed wrap. This branded wrap is interchangeable and can be supplied separately, allowing the same table to be used for different promotional campaigns. Choose between premium textile or PVC wrap prints.

There are 2 sizes and both come with optional internal shelves and headers:

  • Standard table: 890mm (w) x 420mm (d) x 850mm (h) (table top size)
  • Contemporary table: 665mm (w) x 360mm (d) x 850mm (h) (table top size)

Stretch Fabric Reception Tables

This elegant stretch fabric table is the ideal solution for exhibitions, events and in-store promotions and offers a more premium alternative to traditional activation tables.

Easy to transport and simple to set-up, with an interchangeable digitally printed fabric wrap.

We offer the unique option of an internal shelf which is accessed through a zip sewn into the fabric wrap.

Size: 970mm (h) x 700mm (w) x 400mm (d) 

Correx Table

If budget is a limiting factor, we have a unique value offering with our digitally printed correx demo table. This lightweight and easy to assemble table is ideal for brands looking for a simple demo table solution that still offers powerful full colour branding capabilities.

And to make the branding on the table stand out, we can include printed pop-out attachments to create a unique 3D element to the visuals on the table.


Table Cloths

For exhibitions, events and promotions we offer a range of table top options from more premium fitted fabric table cloths to simple and cost-effective PVC prints.

Depending on the desired finish the fabric table cloths can be printed on stretch fabric material and fitted to the table to create a stretch effect, or on standard fabric and used as a drape table cloth.