Creativity without strategy is ART, and Creativity with strategy is ADVERTISING!
Exercising poor creativity can do your brand more harm than good and over the top creative advertising is not necessarily the most effective approach. A balance between good creativity and effective advertising needs to be achieved! 

When developing a creative marketing approach, it needs to always extend from a sound marketing strategy,

  • Be persuasive,
  • Bring a unique approach to break through the clutter,
  • It should never promise more than it can deliver and
  • It must take the consumer’s view into consideration.

If you’re a brand craving an innovative and a unique approach to marketing; then you need to investigate the new perspective on advertising.

The traditional approach is no longer! It’s time to think outside the box and make investments that consumers will value enough to share with their peers.

Depending on your marketing goal, there is always an innovative marketing approach available for you to consider, however, here is one way you could achieve this…

The impactful approach:

Branded fibreglass tables are one of the most innovative marketing tools in the market at the moment. These tables are the new approach to marketing that customers are thirsty for.
No matter the location, people will instantly be blown away by quality finish, vibrancy and off course the iconic branding of the furniture piece.

Understand your investment:

These branded fibreglass tables are each a one of a kind pieces of furniture. Whether you’re wanting to professionally brand any open space, indoors or outdoors, or uniquely style your workspace with customized furniture designs, these branded fibreglass tables will never fail to deliver on expectations and will most definitely be the experience customers will want to share.

The tables are of premium quality and can visually communicate your brand to influence customer’s decision-making. The use of UV-resistant resin ensures that the tables will never fade or crack as a result of over exposure to the sun. Every table can be flat packed for optimal storage and transportation. Therefore, you can easily travel with your marketing tool.

Marketing on a budget:

Additionally, if you’re looking for a cost-effective approach to upscaling your tables or benches, then our retrofit tops provide an ideal technique for both rebranding or upscaling your furniture by removing the hassle and expense involved of purchasing entirely new furnishings.

Now that you have learnt how to link your creative approach to your marketing strategy, you can put together an impactful advertising campaign. Good luck!

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