Always take advantage of any opportunity to flaunt your brand. Whether you’re at a food show or large-scale sporting event, analyse your branding options and decide on the most suitable approach. Text

What qualities make up a healthy brand?

The 6 healthy brand criteria:
1. Purpose -your brand needs a meaning to exist.
2. Unique meaning – you need to differentiate your brand by giving it’s a unique meaning.
3. Communication –You brand must be an effective communicator with consumers.
4. Add value – Your brand needs add value to the lives of its consumers.
5. Sustainable relationships – a brand needs to put focus on building sustainable relationships with consumers and stakeholders.
6. Profit should not be the goal – Remember that profit should never be the driver business but a result of the first 5 criteria.


Therefore, what is a healthy brand?

– A healthy brand has a specific purpose and clear vision and direction that embraces a value set which gives the brand a meaning to exist.
– Your brand identity and unique meaning creates a means of differentiation and is what makes a brand one of a kind.
– A healthy brand must be effective at communicating their identity in every interaction with its consumers.

Take note that a brand’s interaction is considered to be any point where a consumer communicates with or is even exposed to your brand. Therefore, every single marketing attempt is seen as an opportunity to better or further consumer relationships with your brand.


Creating brand exposure:

Frame-banners are a marketing tool, traditionally used at sporting events to showcase sponsors; but can be used at any juncture to generate brand awareness. They are extremely easy to transport, and their ability to be waterproof, washable, UV resistant and colourfast, ensures longevity and contributes in making the banners a great investment.
The frame banners are one of the most well-known and effective marketing tools in grabbing people’s attention and are a great method of communicating brand identity with consumers, no matter the occasion.
However, always consider the companies or brands you associate yourself with. Consider your unique company message and determine whether the association supports your unique brand message.

Now that you have some healthy brand tips, it’s officially time to take action and showcase your unique and healthy brand message!

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