One of the biggest challenges in this fast-paced consumer world we currently live in
is the ability to rise above the clutter and grab people’s attention. 

As a brand, you need to put a large focus on initiating consumer interaction. 

Generating consumer interaction is key in developing effective brand awareness that can transition into consumer loyalty.

It’s time to put yourself out there!


It is so important to take action in developing quality engagement with your consumers.


Whether it’s in store or online, there are certain things to consider when engaging with consumers:

    1. Consider your audience – assess whether the message/item you are creating will be well received by the audience you are targeting.
    1. Follow influencers in your industry – you can easily gain branding insights from influencers and competitors in the industry. Assess how they engage with their audiences, what keywords they use and how they get consumers to engage with them.
    1. Ask questions – in order to determine the best message to send to your consumers, first ask questions such as:
      • What are the most impactful platforms to use to engage with my consumers? 
      • What do I want my consumers to know about my business?
      • What do I want to know about consumers and potential prospects?
      • What do consumers not know about my business? 
    1. Speak like a human – focus on having a normal conversation when interacting with your consumers. You don’t want to put them off by using too much industry jargon.

It is important to remember that online and in-store marketing go hand-in-hand. The best marketing results are achieved with the adoption of omnichannel marketing tactics; which aim to create a seamless integration between online and in-store channels. Allowing consumers to either shop online and pick up in-store or vice versa.

Majority of consumers prefer this approach due to its seamlessness and convenience.

Promo tables are one of the most impactful in-store marketing tools.

Promo tables are an effective marketing tool which never fails to excite consumers and is traditionally used in shopping aisles to provide testers to consumers. This is an extremely useful approach, as brands have the opportunity to engage and receive customer feedback first-hand. 

Any interaction with a consumer should be valued as all customer engagements have the potential to initiate a consumer purchase in the future.

We offer a versatile range of promo tables, suitable for all product promotional requirements.  Every design is customized to suit our client’s personal marketing needs.  

These include:

    • Contemporary promo tables,
    • Econo correx promo tables, and
    • Reception promo tables.

As the majority of the products, the promo tables are lightweight, portable and easy-to-assemble solutions geared to both visual and budgetary requirements. We also provide a choice between premium textile or PVC wrap prints.   

Furthermore, by either giving out flyers or incorporating QR codes onto the front of a promo stand, that links to your website, are great examples of how to incorporate an omnichannel marketing approach into marketing initiatives.

Now that you have these valuable insights, it’s time to start planning your next marketing campaign/initiative!

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