Having a clear vision of your brand will strengthen your business 
and assist in conveying a clear, distinctive brand image 
and message to your consumers.

Why do you need customer engagement?

Customer engagement is about getting your customers to interact and share their experiences with your business and brand. When this is done well, a strong customer engagement strategy will create brand growth and customer loyalty.


Banners As A Tool

Banners aid in both informing/educating customers and in generating attention and hype around any brand or event. It is important to note that pop up banners specifically, are a powerful tool to showcase brand professionalism wherever you go.

The stands are not only easy and quick to set-up, but their light-weight design makes the product extremely convenient for anyone to transport. These products are useful marketing tools and have become a favourite amongst our clients. 



Banners can be used in any setting to enhance your brand. See below some examples of places where you can set up your banner to create awareness on products or your brand:

    • Product launches
    • Backdrops for photo “booths”
    • Official openings
    • Media/sporting events
    • Exhibitions
    • In-store promotional demonstrations
    • Shopping malls
    • Backdrops for a stall at markets


Banners Available

As seen above, the stands can be designed in various styles to suit your personal marketing needs and ultimately make your brand stand out. Furthermore, we offer premium textile and PVC print options for all our stands. 

We manufacturer a wide selection of display banners:

    • Premium pull-up banners
    • Standard pull-up banners
    • Flat banners
    • S-banners

Whether you are looking for something like the curve magnetic display banners, which provide a means for you to transform your display into a full display wall, or something simpler like the standard flat-banner stands, Pop Direct provide it all. 



The sizes of the banners are 2.0m (h) x 0.8m (w).


Frame Options

A unique more stylish alternative to traditional pull-up banners, available in flat and S-shaped.

They are made from an aluminium pipe frame surrounded by a digitally printed stretch fabric, giving double sided branding opportunities.



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